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Are you looking for Christmas Fairy House? You are in the right place. Welcome to my website. I have done 4 unique and beautiful Christmas house based on my own imagination. Yes! these are original Christmas craft project and first published at my YouTube channel. 

The fairy tales inspired each design. 

Let's explore and enjoy. 

Christmas Fairy House No.1

The fairy house builder was called by one excited fairy who has found a mushroom that looks like Christmas tree. She said, “I want to build a cozy country style house underneath that mushroom Christmas tree. I want poinsettia flowers as decoration because Christmas is around the corner. I want it to be bright where the lights shine out from the tree at night. The house would be a symbol of love. It's a season of love, let's spread the love around the house".

Alright! After scratching her head for few seconds the builder finally got an idea on how to construct the house as ordered by the fairy.


  • Glass jar (any size). I use small pesto jar for this craft project.
  • Cardboard - adjust the size according to your jar size.
  • Aluminum foil 
  • Hot glue and glue gun 
  • Acrylic paints: white, sap green, burnt umber, yellow ochre, brick red, scarlet, gold. 
  • Texture paste/ clay paste for the roof: I use brush to apply texture paste on cardboard roof. Apply thin layer and leave it to dry and then apply one or two more coats if needed. 
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Video Tutorial:

Christmas Fairy House No.2

The fairy house builder was called by a rich fairy grandmother this time. She’s found super unique and beautiful tree with curly leaves or…ehm…barks.

The grandmother wants to build a simple and easy house but grandeur below the tree. She wants it spacious with open space plan for family gathering with her kids and grandkids during holiday seasons. 

The fairy grandmother is stylish, modern and yet classy. She told the builder: “Look! I want a unique light blue Christmas tree like clouds in the sky. This would be the first ever Christmas tree in my fairy village with shape & color like that. I want bright shining little star on top of it and golden balls on the tree.  The star will guide all little fairies at night when they are flying to my house. But, I want traditional Christmas ornaments as a sign that we are celebrating Christmas”.

“Alright! Alright! No worries. Your wishes granted. You’ve got it all”, said the builder after she’s completed her Christmas house project.

The fairy grandmother was surprised with the end result. She said, “It’s stunning! You are not just building a house but beautiful fairy castle! I love it”.

 That’s the fairy tale for Christmas fairy house number 2.


  • Glass bottle 
  • Cardboard
  • Hot glue and glue gun
  • Acrylic paints: white,  sap green, burnt umber, yellow ochre, gold, ultramarine blue.
  • Texture paste: I use home-made texture paste/ clay paste. Alternatively, you can use store bought spackling paste or joint compound. If you make your own clay paste, be flexible with the recipe. You can add more plaster or more flour to have the right consistency so, you can use brush to cover the cardboard
  • Air dry clay for Christmas ornaments (any types/ brands - home made or store bought). In this project I use home-made clay with added tissue paper
Christmas fairy house

Video Tutorial:

Christmas Fairy House No.3

The fairy house builder finally got a chance to fly to a fairy winter wonderland in Northern hemisphere. She was not flying with any Airlines Company but she was brought there by a powerful fairy.

The fairy visited the builder, wave her magic wand, and sprinkling the builder with her fairy dust. And, tadaaa….suddenly the builder could fly like one of the fairies. 

Christmas is around the corner, so, the fairy had asked the builder to build simple but sturdy Christmas fairy cottage in her tiny world.  The snow has falling heavily there. It’s very serious folk. Any house that was built with weak structural design will collapse due to the snow load that building up on the roof. 

The builder built a simple, strong, yet beautiful and elegant miniature house for her fairy client. The house decorated with Christmas decorations like snowman, baubles, miniature Christmas tree and gnome’s hat on the chimney made of clay.

The builder feels grateful to the fairy who has brought her to the fairy land. So, she built an extra tall bedazzled Christmas tree from the twigs she found at the forest nearby. She put in tiny crystal balls and pearls on the twigs. 

Everyone is happy. The end. Ha..ha.. That’s my fairy tale for this Christmas fairy house project.


  • Cardboard
  • Hot glue and glue gun
  • Acrylic paints: white,  sap green, yellow ochre, and paynes grey.
  • Air dry clay (any types/ brands - home made or store bought). In this project I use home-made clay with added tissue paper. 

Cardboard dimension for this Christmas House:

  • 4.5cm x 8cm (17.7" x 3.14") 2 pieces for walls
  • 2. 6cm x 8cm (1" x3.14") with roof height 3cm (1.18") - 2 pieces - for walls
  • 3. 6cm x 5.5cm (1.4" x 2.16") - 2 pieces for roof.
  • 4. 11cm x 10cm (1.6" x 3.9") - 2 pieces for base.
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Video Tutorial:

Christmas Fairy House No.4

The fairy house builder is about to fly back to her home country in Southern hemisphere when the 3 kids of powerful fairy who brought the builder to the fairy winter wonderland asked her to build tiny fairy houses for them to play in the forest. 

The builder knows that this 3 little fairies love to play hide and seek in the forest and sometimes fall asleep there under the leaves. But, these 3 little kids have not been out because of heavy snow.  So, the builder built 3 cute miniature houses for these little fairies, whose name are Love, Joy and Peace with relaxing Christmas song accompanied her.

n each of mini houses she built, she put in the symbol of their names: heart shape for Love, star which symbolizing light, hope and happiness for Joy,  and a bird for Peace.

Those tiny fairies are very happy with their miniature house. 

And now, the builder flies back to down under,  ready for summer in the land with beautiful beaches. Bye bye snow. That's the fairy tale for the fourth Christmas fairy house.


  • Toilet paper roll tubes
  • Cardboard
  • Aluminium foil
  • Wall filler/ spackling paste (optional)
  • Hot glue and glue gun
  • Acrylic paints: white,  light blue, hookers green, yellow pink, gold
  • Crystal glitter
  • Air dry clay (any types/ brands - home made or store bought clay). In this project I use home-made clay with added tissue paper. 
toilet paper roll crafts

Video Tutorial:

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