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I was touched when receiving few emails asking how can someone support Clayitnow. Wow...I thought I've been alone these years sharing my crafts and tutorials for free.

Yeah...whatever information I've shared in my website or youtube channel is FREE! 

It's because I love crafting with clay.

I've been playing with all kind of clay (air dry clay and oven baked clay) from different manufacturers for almost 10 years by now.

And, I feel happy and satisfied when someone from far far away country (ps. I live in Melbourne, Australia) send me message to say thank you because my tutorial gave them idea to make things that they can sell to support their own education, to support their kids education or to help their household finances. 

I told myself, uhm..glad that hard work I've put in to create website contents and videos were useful and helpful for someone out there.

Many times, I was thinking to sell my creations and make money out of it. But, uhm..I couldn't put in pricing onto it. Really!

I feel that few dollars I am going to make from my crafts won't justify hours, thought and love I've put in to my creations.

So, let me tell you the truth: I have never sell my creations. It's not because no one want to buy it but, because I can't let them go to someone I don't know :)

I would keep my crafts as my own collection or give it away to friends or relatives who really like it as a gift. 

But, I wouldn't lie to you that I need money too. Who are not? 

If you browse my website you'll see advertisements  here and there and link to Amazon where I make commision out of it.

So, I was really...really touched when someone think of me and want to give it back to Clayitnow.

How to support Clayitnow ?

Alright! if you are one of those kind hearted folks who want to support Clayitnow, you can do few simple things.

The easiest one and doesn't cost you a cent is to click on advertisements in this website. 

You can also watch my video tutorials, click on advertisement there, "LIKE", "SHARE" and "SUBSCRIBE" to Clayitnow Youtube channel.

The last one, to all generous supporters, you can donate (any amount) through paypal to support Clayitnow. Please click below image to do so.

support clayitnow - thanks for your donation

After you click the image/ link, you will see below. You can put in any dollars/ cents then click next to go to paypal website to complete your contributions.

Yeah...Yenny is my name. I am Singaporean born Indonesian and Australia permanent resident. I move to Melbourne in 2010. you know that I am a real person. I am not a robot so, please don't ask me "are you a robot" again ha..ha..ha....

And finally, thank you in advance for your support. 

Let's crafting!

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