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Are you a clay artist? Cake artist? Home decorator? Jeweler? Parents who want to keep the kids busy during school holidays? Sunday school teacher needs some craft ideas?

Welcome to my website!

Whoever or wherever you are, if you are clay art and craft lovers and looking for craft ideas, you are at the right place.

Like you, I called myself a clay lover.

I love the material because clay is a versatile medium to express my creativity. It doesn't really matter whether it is an air dry clay or oven baked. Clay is the most exciting art material and readily available for specialist modelers and everyone to play with.

Why Clay Art and Craft?

Firstly, let's look at dictionary for the meaning of art and craft.

Art was defined as the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture.

And, craft is an activity involving skill in making things by hand.

To me, it's very clear that clay is one of the best materials to express our creative skill and imagination by hand to form 3 dimensional clay models or art pieces. It helps to bring out the artist and child in us.

You'll have fun exploring the wonderful world of clay art and creating clay models with us.

We have prepared tutorials and guides for you to:

Clay Design Starter

Before following our tutorial in, you might want to know the basic tools, shapes, colors, textures and materials we used to make the clay models.

Have a look at the following: 

clay basic shapes

Basic Shapes

Familiarize yourself with clay basic shapes so you know how to start when you want to create a figurine or decorative item. 

color mixing guide


Learn basic clay coloring technique with or without color mixing ruler. I will share with you how to color the clay before and after modeling. 


Without clay you can't make any model, right? So try some of my modeling clay recipes to make your own clay or checkout "what clay to buy" page if you want to buy ready-made clay.

clay tools


My essential clay tools are very simple. In fact, some are from my kitchen or do-it-yourself tools. 

Thank you for your visit & let's have fun reading....

Clay Lovers Blog
The Clay Lovers Blog lets you know when new clay design, ideas, creations, updates and free clay model tutorials appear on
Clay Basic Shapes
Learn clay basic shapes for DIY (Do-It-Yourself) modeling.
Clay Coloring Technique: Learn coloring technique for air dry clay
Clay coloring technique page might answer almost all your questions about coloring air dry clay before and after modeling.
What clay to buy? Oven baked or Air Dry Clay?
What clay to buy? Oven Baked or Air Dry Clay? I think you'll find your answer in this page.
Essential Clay Tools: Create Professional Clay Model with Basic Tools
Buy only essential clay tools that you use often. Let me show you my basic clay tools to create beautiful clay model.
Modeling Clay Recipes: Recipe for Clay and Play Dough
I want to share my no-cook and cooked modeling clay recipes with you. Recipe for clay and play dough in this page is easy to make and suitable for kids and adults.
Make Your Own Cutters
Did you make your own cutters? There are several way to make clay cutters or cookies cutters using aluminium baking pan, plastic bottle or can drink.
DIY Veiners for Clay: Hot Glue Veiner and Clay Veiners
2 DIY veiners for clay: hot glue veiner and clay veiners
Designing Animal Figurine with Air Dry Clay
Designing animal figurine with air dry clay or other modeling clay is easy & fast when you follow my free tutorials.
Chinese Zodiac: 12 Animal Signs Salt Dough Craft
Chinese zodiac is an interesting topic in social gathering. Some people said the 12 animal signs influenced someone's character & fortune. Let's check it out!
Camel Clay Figurine Free Tutorial
Camel clay figurine is favorable for desert-themed design. Get your FREE tutorial here.
Cute Koala with Boomerang Toy - You can make them with clay or fondant
Make a cute koala and boomerang toy with clay or fondant for a gift or decoration. Also, get the facts about koala to know more about it.
Scorpion Clay in Two Colors - So cute!
Our scorpion clay is adorable in kid's modeling style. It's a great gift for scorpion lovers who keep scorpion as a pet.
Penguin Key Chain: Favorite Souvenir from Australia
Penguin key chain is great for souvenir! It's very easy that I finished my penguin in less than 15 minutes.
Baby Tiger - Did you call it a cub?
Baby tiger figurine is one of my beginner level clay craft projects suitable for kids and adults. Please check out my tutorial now.
Clay Projects for Kids: Play with Clay
Clay projects for kids provide you ideas for kids to play with clay. Our easy clay projects tutorials could be useful for art school or Sunday school teachers.
Cute Mini Figurines: Guide and Sample to Make Your Own "Mini Me"
Cute mini figurines are the best gift for your kids, friends and relatives. Let me show you how to make your own version of "Mini Me".
Football Player Figurine
Learn to make football player figurine in this page. And, modify the costume to your favorite football team.
Minions 2015 Figurine, We make Kevin
We make minions 2015 figurine - Kevin, the favorite among all the minions who has a big plan.
Clay Flowers: All seasons bloom
Do you need clay flowers for hair accessories, home decoration or cake topper? You can make them with our tutorials.
Ice Hockey Boy Figurine
Ice Hockey Boy Figurine: Gift for boys who just picked up ice hockey as their winter sport
Bicycle Clay: step-by-step DIY guide
Bicycle clay is one of clay figurines in my sports and hobbies series.
Miniature Clay Art - How small can you go?
Miniature clay art is a world without boundary. You decide the size! And, making miniature with air dry clay is fun. Get the clay art ideas here.
Tropical Fruits Clay, Sweet Memories from the Past
Tropical fruits clay miniature created to preserve childhood memories and it is wearable.
Burger Clay Jewelry: I made burger clay for necklace and earring
You don't need talent to make burger clay jewelry. Check out my page and you'll be able to make fun necklace and earring with burger clay.
Vegetable Clay: Ideas & Tutorials
Ideas for vegetable clay miniatures with tutorials to make tomatoes, eggplants and chilies.
Fourth of July Craft Idea: Upcycling Potato Chips Can to Flower Vase
This fourth of July craft idea is not just about making a flower vase but it's also giving potato chips can a new touch.
I Love You Valentine's Day Craft
Say I love you with your handmade Valentine's day craft.
Cupcakes for Mum
Cupcakes for mum are miniature cupcakes to celebrate Mother's Day.
Santa Claus figurine
Santa Claus figurine would be nice for Christmas decoration or a gift. Let us show you how to make your own Father Christmas with air dry clay
Contact us at for Clay Crafts
Contact us at if you have questions or comments about clay crafts.
Resources: The Power of Links and Value Exchange
Resources at Clayitnow displays links to other hobby site and related website to enhance our visitors experience.
Your Clay Model Showcase: Share Your Pictures and Story
Your clay model showcase page was created for your to share your clay model pictures and story. It's a great place for clay lovers to share our works.
Disclaimer & Terms of Use
Disclaimer and terms of use
Clay Characters for Kids, Clay Book by Maureen Carlson
Clay Characters for Kids and How to Make Clay Characters by Maureen Carlson are my first two books which have given me foundation to create my own style Mini me figurines
Best Animal Figurine Books: a must-have book for self-taught artist
Check out our best animal figurine books selection. It's inspirational, easy to follow and favorable to all cake decorators with its 100 fondant animals design for cake topper.
Favorite Miniature Clay Books
Let me show you my favorite miniature clay books which can be bought from book depository and amazon store.
Clay Tools Store
Clay tools store is your place to find suitable tools you need for your projects.
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