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So you are at Hello, creative souls!

Are you a clay artist, cake artist, home decorator, jeweler, parents in need of school holiday activities, Sunday school teachers on the lookout for ideas, or students seeking a crafty project?

Welcome to my website!

Fellow clay enthusiast, no matter who you are or where you're from, if you're into clay art and craft and on the hunt for some creative ideas, you've landed in the perfect spot.

I proudly dub myself a clay lover. Yep, you heard it right – I'm not shy about admitting that I'm head over heels for playing with clay.

Why, you ask? Well, it's simple – clay is like the superhero of art materials. It's so versatile that it lets me unleash my creativity in all its glory.

Whether it's air-dry clay or the oven-baked kind, it doesn't matter.

Clay is the Rockstar of art materials, available for specialist modelers and, of course, anyone and everyone looking to dive into the world of fun and creativity.

So, let's get our hands dirty and create some clay magic!

Why Clay Art and Craft?

Let's dive into the realms of art and craft. Art, the beautiful expression of human creativity and imagination, often takes shape in visual forms like painting or sculpture. On the other hand, craft is the delightful activity that involves skillful hands in the creation of tangible wonders.

Picture this: clay, the wondrous material that opens up a gateway for us to channel our creativity and imagination through our very own hands, shaping it into three-dimensional marvels. It's like bringing out the artist and child within us, all in one go.

In the realm of clay art, the possibilities are endless.

With clay-it-now, the journey becomes a joyful exploration into the fantastic world of crafting with clay.

There's a certain magic in witnessing a simple lump of clay transform into something extraordinary. And the best part? You can craft almost anything your heart desires with the versatile and moldable nature of clay.

So, let the adventure begin as you indulge in the playful joy of creating clay models with clay-it-now.

Unleash your inner artist, embrace your inner child, and watch the magic unfold as clay becomes your artistic playground.

What type of clay do you have?


Yes! That the first question for you to answer if you want to start crafting with clay. 

Do you have clay? Most of us may have experience playing with clay in primary school but if that was in the past, I mean decades ago, you may want to read my article about type of clay that you can buy.

If you are the type of person who doesn't mind to get your hand dirty and like to experiment a little bit, you may like making your own clay. 

If that so, visit my homemade clay recipe page. 

Bear in mind, you may get confuse with many types/ varieties of clay you can make by yourself though. Also, you may not be successful at first attempt. 

I would suggest you to make small amount of clay once you choose the recipe you like,  tweak it if necessary to suit your situation and make it your own.  

Anyway, if you are not sure about making homemade clay, please don't make the clay. Yeah..don't waste your time and money - just buy it! :)

Nowadays, there are many types and brands of clay in the market. It could be oven baked or air dry. To find out, visit this page: What clay to buy?

Choose the type of clay that you think will suit your craft project.

If you are new and has no idea what to make, tutorial in this website might be helpful for you. It's all FREE!

Let's get creative with clay-it-now:

Are you ready to create your clay model? What do you want to make? Animal figurine? This is popular especially if you want to make farm scene, cake topper, jewelry or just as decoration.

Check out my animal figurines page. You will see many information like how to design and make figurine from scratch with air dry clay.

Yes! like most of people, I start making animal figurine by following other artist and learn from the book. But, at the end, I've found my own way to interpret the object and create my own figurine style.

Surely, you will be able to do that too!

This is adorable!

cute mini me figurine tutorial

In clay-it-now website, you will also see some idea of how to make cute "mini-me" figurine with clay - done with soft clay, cold porcelain clay and flour base homemade clay.

You will learn how to simplify the shape of the person and capturing his/ her unique dress or personality so we can recognize the figurine as "mini-me" of someone in a glance.

Crafting with Kiddos

clay project for kids

If you are looking for holidays craft for Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter and other easy craft idea, my clay projects for kids tutorial might be useful for you, your kids or students.

You may have tonnes of new ideas after seeing those tutorials.

Going mini?

miniature clay art

Oh ya...are you interested with miniature? Yes? If yes, visit miniature clay art page. You'll see tutorial to make easy object like fruits, vegetable, and other simple things.

The list is not long by now but I plan to make more tutorial for miniature in future. 

All seasons bloom

clay flower

Don't forget to visit clay flowers page.  Flowers are delicate and sometimes complicated. 

When you visit my page, you'll see that I like to make clay flower without mold. This is my way to simplify the flower shape and form so it's easy for us to make them with air dry clay. 

Made with our own hands :)

cartoon character

I often asked "how to make cartoon character figurine". Though not many, you'll see my creations and tutorial at creating cartoon character page.

Please contact me if you want to see specific character. I might consider making a tutorial whenever possible.

Imagination & Creativity

fairy house ideas - fairy house tutorial

I'm totally smitten with fairy house making!

Even if you're not into believing in fairies, crafting these tiny abodes is super satisfying. The enchantment sets in when I finish a project – it's like magic!

Check out my page for fairy house ideas and tutorial. Who knows, you might catch the fairy house bug too and feel inspired to create your own! 😊

And, ehm.....Guess what? There's a treasure trove of ideas and tutorials waiting for you – like, a whole bunch more! And here's a little secret: many of these projects are not even in the site map. Yep, you read that right – exclusive clay-it-now goodness! it's all in my YouTube channel

Swing by Clayitnow's channel, give me a thumbs up, hit that share button, and make sure to hit subscribe. Your support means the world to me!

Thanks a bunch for hanging out there!

Oh, by the way, have you unleashed your creativity with clay yet? If you have a masterpiece, why not share the love? Use the "share your craft" form below, and let's showcase your talent!

Let the clay play begin!

| Clay-it-now

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