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Are you searching for fairy house ideas and tutorial? Welcome to my page. Here, you will find many ideas to make fairy house using glass jars, toilet paper roll tube, balloon, plastic bottle, cardboard and other waste. 


I start making fairy house not long ago and can't stop making it. I've found that there is no rules and boundary for fairy house design. This attracts me most. Yeah...fairy house is not just for kids but for adults too. It's the best craft subject to channel out our creativity and making imagination comes alive :)

BTW, before making fairy house, you need to decide if you are going to make fairy house for your garden/ outside the house or for internal use as home decoration.  

Do you want to make fairy house for garden decoration exposed to the weather? If that so,  you can make this craft with material around your garden like twig, leaves, barks, pieces of wood , stones, pebble, sand or cement which will stand the weather because these materials are indeed found and designed for exterior use. 

In this page, you will see my tutorial to make easy DIY fairy house using air dry clay or clay paste/ texture paste for indoor fairy garden decoration.

Since many of my fairy houses using jar and not large in term of size, you can use this craft as side table lamp, lantern, room decorations, container to keep your teeny-tiny things or piggy bank to keep your coins or notes.

Small fairy house design is also good for a gift :) 

Steps to make fairy house in general:

  • Decide if it is for indoor or outdoor
  • Think/ imagine how your fairy house will look like. If you are good with drawing, make simple sketch.
foliage for fairy house garden
  • Choose the main material and all accessories you want to add (e.g. foliage, base - some people like to use piece of wood craft as base). 
  • If you are going to use clay to wrap around the jar, this is the time to decide if you want to use polymer clay or air dry clay. Get more info about clay at what clay to buy.
  • Plan your steps. Will you build the house frame first? the base? or the roof?

The rest, just follow your mind and hands. You will surprise to see how you've built a beautiful house with all found bits and pieces with your own hands, ops..sorry! it's a fairy house - our imaginative house:)

Here are my fairy house ideas & tutorial:

I would say, I like cute little houses because I can build a fairy village in my living room or playroom with all these creations. Yes! you are right! I don't sell my fairy house. This is my hobby, an addicted hobby I should say because I can't stop creating fairy houses. I think you will understand that once you start with this craft :)

Hope my fairy house ideas inspire you.

60 Easy & Useful Fairy House DIY Ideas That You May Want To Make

You'll see the pictures of 60 earlier projects published at Clayitnow's YouTube channel. I have added more projects, almost every week after this video. 

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How to DIY fairy house using glass jars?

You will find many beautiful and easy ideas and tutorial to make fairy house using glass jars. Mushroom fairy house done with air dry clay is my all times favorite. I can't get enough of it :)

But, there are many design possibilities with jars and clay. You can make flower fairy house, fruits fairy house, animal fairy house, or enchanted fairy castle. 

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