Cute Mini Figurines

Why do we make cute mini figurines with our own hands?

You may have known that cute mini figurines will cost you about  20 to 70 US dollars depending on the size, material and popularity of the item if you want to buy them. Is that right? 

In fact, many people selling handcrafted “mini me” figurines above 200 US dollars each - depending on the size and it's complexity. 

Whew….that’s expensive, isn't it? But, people buying the figurine because it’s adorable  and unique.

Did you see potential business opportunity from making cute figurine especially the "mini-me" kind of figurine? Yes? I think so too.

I know that people can buy 3D printer nowadays to print almost any image. Or, someone can go to 3D printer booth to get whole body scan and get their mini-me, a 3D photo-like figurine made of gypsum powder.

But....I don't find that cute though. Do you think so? Honestly, I still feel weird to see my real miniature image of me. Maybe that's just me :)

I still prefer handmade "cute" mini-me figurine where I don't see my real face but I can recognized the figurine as me through special features, clothing style and color or moment captured in the figurine.

How to make cute mini figurines?

Follow few simple steps below if you want to make handmade cute figurines:

  1. Get the image or photo reference of the person for your project.
  2. Decide on type of clay you want to use. Oven-baked polymer clay, cold porcelain clay or other type of air dry clay are good for making small size figurine. 
  3. Plan the height of your figurine (I like to make 2 inches height figurine) and estimate balance scale between head and body. Don't worry about the legs :)
  4. Decide how you want to make the face or facial impression. This is very important step. You can make someone looks prettier or uglier when sculpting the face. But, to be safe, I would recommend cute doll face or even blank face (no expression) for your figurine.
  5. Simplify the clothing style color and shape.

And, you'll be ready to create super cute figurine :)

Customized Mini Figurine - Samples

I have made a cute figurine for one of my friends who love Victorian fashion style.  It's a gift and free of charge :)

She gave me a design brief: “I want a cute Victorian Lady mini figurine wearing dress in blue, white and maroon color with big and bold hair accessories”.

Hm…. It’s challenging. I don’t know much about Victorian fashion style. I started my design process by finding relevant pictures of Victorian Lady  in the internet and my local library, choose the style, simplify the shape, add design elements and that’s it!

I completed my figurine and  my friend was very happy with it. I like it too. So I make another one for my own collections :)

Final result: Victorian girl cute figurine.

victorian lady dress style

Photo credit: victorianclipartdelite

Korean Girl in Traditional Dress - Hanbok

cute mini figurines - girl wearing hanbok - korean traditional dressHandmade cute figurine in cold porcelain clay

You may notice that I like to make cute mini figurines for individual or a pair wearing traditional costume from around the world because this type of figurines could be used for birthday, wedding cake topper or  souvenir for special occasions. 

7795-cute mini figurines - Korean traditional dress

Hanbok, traditional Korean dress worn during traditional festivals or celebrations. We've learnt that our figurine  dressing style is commonly worn by the Royal in Korea. 

Clay: Best Homemade Clay

7794 - cute mini figurine couple wearing ao dai - vietnamese traditional dress

The girl in this figurine is wearing Vietnamese traditional dress, Ao Dai. We are not sure what the boy's clothing named as. But this is normally worn by a pair or couple. 

Clay: Best Homemade Clay

Cute couple figurine wearing Qi Pao and Dutch traditional dress

We've made a mix costume style figurine. The girl is wearing Qi Pao - Traditional dress style for Chinese woman and the boy in Dutch traditional dress

Clay: Best Homemade Clay

Are you ready to make cute mini figurines? Here is tutorial for you.

I will add new page at more tutorial list as soon as it is available. If you want to find other tutorial, visit my site map

Japanese Girl Figurine

Japanese Girl Figurine Wearing Pink Kimono

Let us show you the easy way to make cute girl figurine.

Clay: Cold porcelain clay

cute mini figurine, traditional german dress, dirndl

Mini Figurine Wearing Traditional German Dress for Young Lady, Dirndl

We've made 5 cm (2 inches) height German girl figurine.

Clay: Cold porcelain clay

Malay wedding, Bride & groom mini figurine in Traditional Malay outfit

Malay Wedding -Bride & Groom Mini Figurine

Clay: Cold porcelain clay

Mestiza dress, cute mini figurine

Mini Figurine Wearing Mestiza Dress, One of Phillipine's National Dress

Clay: Cold porcelain clay

Indian Woman Mini Figurine in Saree

Indian Woman Mini Figurine in Saree

Clay: Cold porcelain clay

Mini Chinese Bride & Groom Figurine

Mini Chinese Bride & Groom Figurine

Clay: Korean brand soft clay

Mini Baby Girl Figurine

Mini Baby Girl Huging a Milk Bottle

Clay: Cold porcelain clay

grandparents day craft

Figurine to celebrate Grandparents Day

Clay: Cold porcelain clay

how to make a lifelike boy figurine?

A Lifelike Cool Boy Figurine - He is my nephew:)

Clay: Crayola

More Tutorial:

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