Clay Design Starter

Clay design starter is kind of summary of what info or things you need to know to start with clay craft. 

Clay design starter check list:

Basic Shape

Most of the time we start our craft with clay basic shape, especially the ball shape. 

I would normally change the ball shape to other shapes like cone, square, cylinder or oval to form body parts of the figurines. 

In fact, we also start with the basic shape when making the flowers. So, it is worth doing some practice. In that page, you can see we make animals like octopus and bird with only 1 or 2 clay basic shapes.

Other clay design starter elements you might need to know deeper probably is the colors and materials.

How to color the clay?

If you know basic clay coloring technique, especially mixing clay color with ruler, you'll save a lot of money because you can start your craft with 3 basic colors & create many more colors from these. The clay ruler helps you to duplicate the same colors again and again.

You need clay!

Without clay you can't make any model, right? So try some of our modeling clay recipes to make your own clay or checkout what clay to buy page if you want to buy ready-made clay.

In our clay recipes pages, we share various type of homemade clay we've tried with suggestion which one is suitable for certain type of craft models. 

3 types of cold porcelain clay recipe:

  • Conventional cold porcelain clay, the one with glue and cooked,
  • No cook and no glue cold porcelain clay
  • No cook but with glue cold porcelain clay - cold porcelain for flower.

We also have the classic homemade clay like salt dough, no cook play dough and candy clay. 

Surely, you'll have fun exploring the recipes. Choose one that you think suitable for your crafts.

No fancy tools info :)

Our basic tools are very simple. In fact, some are from our kitchen or do-it-yourself tools. 

I start my clay craft with 3 pieces plastic green tool from Makin's clay. It's cheap, easy to clean, not sticking to my clay and's been with me for almost 10 years now and I keep using it :)

Hope this simple list is helpful for you to start your journey exploring the magical world of clay :)

Have fun!

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