Clay Flowers

One thing I like about clay flowers is the freedom to choose the color. We can have green rose or pink lilac at any time when needed for wedding, hair accessories, brooch,  cake topper or home decoration. 

We can have blue, purple or black roses if you want it.

My idea of making flowers with clay is not to copy the nature. But to make pieces or arrangement for special occasion with harmony and balance in term of shape and color. 

Do you prefer to make life-like flowers? Yes? it's not easy though.

Do you know  the size of the petals?  the veins? do you have suitable cutter for the petals and leaves? If your answers are no, don't bother to buy expensive cutters. You can still have beautiful flowers without those cutters.  . 

So, let's make hand-made flowers without mold or cutters - just use usual basic clay tools.

Clay Flowers Tutorial:

white carnations clay flower
red carnation tutorial in air dry soft clay


People said that white carnations are symbol of pure love, good luck and innocence. And red carnation symbolizes passion. It sounds that carnation is a good flower to give away as a gift. Check out my red carnation tutorial made without mold.

rose clay, yellow rose

These roses were made without cutter using soft clay. They look natural, aren't they?  Follow my tutorial and you can make pretty red roses or whatever color you like for Valentine's or Mother's day. 

calla lily clay, white calla lily with yellow stamen

Beautiful and easy to make! Visit my Calla Lily tutorial page with soft clay. 

It's one of my favorite flowers for hand bouquet.

how to make orchid flower without mold?

Green Orchid Clay

I could say, this is the easiest way ever to make orchid flower with soft clay.

You don't need cutter or mold. 

peony flower from gum paste and air dry clay

Peony Tutorial, Flower of Riches and Honor - see how to make the peony petal with cutter and without cutter using soft clay and gum paste.

gerbera daisy clay

Gerbera Daisy flower was made without mold. Visit my  tutorial to make gerbera daisy flower  in soft clay, homemade clay, and oven-baked polymer clay.  

pansy clay

I make pansy clay with homemade clay. It's dry hard and feels like polymer clay - sort of :)

morning glory clay flower

Let's make morning glory clay with homemade clay. It's a flower of love and affection. 

poppy flower tutorial

Visit my super easy poppy flower tutorial done in only 5 steps without cutter or mold. I use soft clay for this flower project.

More Flowers:

I am working on updating my website and will put in the list of new flowers tutorial here. 

Design Resources:

clay art for all seasons

Honestly, the book titled "Clay Art for All Seasons" written by Yukiko Miyai where she makes flowers without cutters inspired my clay flowers creations.

I love the way she chose the color for her flowers to match any decors in special event like wedding, engagement, housewarming and birthday party.

You can easily make beautiful centerpiece, party favors or holiday gifts for all seasons following her tutorials. You'll love this book as much as I am.

Alright! Have you done any flower project recently? Would you like to share your works with us?

Please send your picture using the submission form at this page or upload the picture to our Facebook page

We would love to hear from you.

Have fun....

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