Pansy Clay Tutorial

pansy clay flower tutorial-1

This pansy clay color may look a little bit funny to some of you :)

Well, I've intentionally made the pansy flower in dark purple color as a ring to match my friend's evening gown. Yes, I'll give this to my friend as a gift. 

Anyway, I have mentioned in my previous flower tutorials that I seldom make a life-like flowers. I would rather make decorative or functional clay flowers. 

This time I use homemade tissue paper clay. It doesn't look like cold porcelain clay but still have certain degree of translucency and feel like polymer clay. It dries hard and yet lightweight.

Steps to make pansy clay:


Let's make 5 teardrop clay shapes as a start.


Flatten the teardrop shape on your palm by pressing it with your index finger. Use your clay tool to make the vein and pull the side of the petal randomly.


Make 5 flower petals and arrange it by overlapping one to another. Add glue at the back of the petals.


Here you can see that all five petals has been arranged nicely.

Leave the petals for 1 or 2 days until it's dry completely. I wanted to use this flower as a ring, so I paste the flower to the metal ring base with super glue.

By the way, I've used oil paints this time but I would think  watercolor or acrylic paints (water base paints) is better for homemade clay.

Honestly, I am not really happy with my flower project this time. It seems that the clay was not performing as good as I expected.

Probably, it's better to stick with cold porcelain clay or homemade clay with flour base if you want to make clay flower. 

Personally, I like soft clay for flower making. It's easy to handle, light and still a little bit flexible when it's dry even though it's not translucent like cold porcelain clay.

It's a good experience and experiment anyway :) It's a good lesson to learn. I am sharing my experience with you so you will have a better result when making this pansy. 

Alright! here is my version of pansy flower. 


If you make this and would like to share your work with us, please use submission form at this page.

Flower Design Resources:

I've found some books and things for clay flowers are inspiring. These may give you ideas  to develop your own design. 

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