Morning Glory Clay Flower Tutorial

morning glory clay flower - step by step tutorial

Here you'll see our morning glory clay flower tutorial together with video to paint the clay after it's dry.

We can add color to our homemade clay before we make the flower but some of you have asked us if we could share the tutorial to paint the clay after we make the model.

So, here it is! Hope you like our  2-in-1 tutorial :)

Steps to Make Morning Glory Clay

You need floral tape, wire for stem and stamen.

morning glory clay flower - stem2

Bend the stamen to two part in unequal length, put it on top of the wire and wrap it with floral tape.

morning glory clay flower - step 1

Take your homemade clay, knead well and roll it to the ball and then to teardrop clay basic shape.

morning glory clay flower - step 2

Use your clay tool to hollow the teardrop shape.

morning glory clay flower - step 3

Spread the top part of the teardrop outward and flatten it like the picture beside.

morning glory clay flower - step 4

The flower is ready now. Use kitchen towel to make a ring as a support and put the wet morning glory clay in the middle of tissue ring until it's dry.

morning glory clay flower - green

This time, color your homemade clay with green acrylic paints color and make small teardrop shape from it.

morning glory clay flower - green 2

Cut the green teardrop to two part and make teh shape like the picture beside.

This green clay (calyx) will be attached at the bottom of the flower later on.

Next, insert the stamen that has been attached to the wire to the middle of the flower and add the calyx.

Leave the flower until it's dry completely in room temperature. After that, we can use acrylic paints to color the petal.

You may want to watch my video we share at YouTube about how to paint morning glory homemade clay.

Note: please feel free to paint the petal with other colors such as blue, pink or yellow. 

Morning glory has a very short life span. So, the clay version has given us an everlasting bloom for all occasion. Since this flower has been associated with love, affection, it would be a nice gift for anyone. 

Please share your craft with us if you make the morning glory following our tutorial using our submission form at this page.

Have fun all!

Flower Design Resources:

I've found some books and things for clay flowers are inspiring. These may give you ideas  to develop your own design. 

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