Clay Projects for Kids

Clay projects for kids page was written after watching TV news about a baby girl who try to flick a magazine by touching it like she was touching her iPad. 

We all laughed!

After sometimes, we (my husband and I) were thinking that there must be something we can do to help.

We asked school teachers, parents, friends and neighbors what toys or activities that could be best to bridge kids understanding and perception about virtual world and reality?

We don't know! Probably it's because we are not the expert in term of  children brain development.

However, there is one thing we have agreed on. Play with clay could possibly pull the kids from virtual to real world.

With clay the kids learn how to mold and create things around them, understand  the colors and shape of the objects and making their imagination becomes real. A real object that they can touch, see and feel

Easy Clay Projects:

We have many easy clay projects ideas that could be used by the parents or teachers to teach or introduce the kids to our everyday objects around us. 

We have done many tutorial for you to start with. And, we'll periodically adding new easy projects for kids listed at "more tutorial". So, please visit this page often to see the updates and read through to the end to see new projects.

Clay Projects for Kids Ideas:

NEW IDEAS!! Key holder / wall hanging crafts

Easy Clay Craft Ideas for Beginners:

Decorating Notebook:

Craft for Table Decoration:

cherry naplin ring

Cherry Napkin Ring

This is one of easy clay projects for beginners making sure that you'll have successful creation at first attempt.

kitty napkin ring - air dry clay- soft clay

Kitty Napkin Ring

This is an idea for Christmas table decorations. Personalize it with different type of animal figurines.

place card holder with simple 5 petals clay flower base

Place card holder or memo holder with simple 5 petals flower base in cold porcelain clay.

thanksgiving turkey clay, turkey, thanksgiving, turkey clay napkin ring-kidsproject

Thanksgiving turkey clay, an idea to brighten up your Thanksgiving dinner table.

How to make simple flower?

simple daisy clay

Simple Daisy Clay

Create beautiful project with only two basic shapes. The best thing about it is you can wear this creations as a necklace or brooch. 

Blue lilac hairpin with 4th of July theme

Blue Lilac Hairpin with 4th of July Theme

Hair accessories with simple lilac flower. You can change the color or theme to your liking.

cat on the pillow pencil topper - clay cat figurine
Easter Bunny pencil topper

Cat on the pillow pencil topper

Some of my friends (they are adults of course) are collecting pencils. These cute clay cat would be nice to collect and one of easy clay projects for kids ideas.

Easter Bunny Pencil Topper: ideas for Easter craft. It also comes with video tutorial for miniature Easter Bunny. 

Planters/ Containers:

Art from waste: Strawberry Shape Jar

Mini Owl Planter

Mini Owl planter

Beautiful Tree Trunk Planter/ Pencil Holder

DIY Idea - Beautiful Tree Trunk Clay Tutorial - Pencil Holder
upcycling plastic bottle-planter-pencil holder

Upcycling Vitamin Plastic Bottle to a Beautiful Planter/ Pencil Holder

aries zodiac animal planter - clayitnow

How to make Aries zodiac animal planter?

faux stone container - clayitnow

Stone-look jar, altered shape with old magazine and clay

Cute Giraffe Planter with paper clay

How to Make Giraffe Planter with Homemade Paper Clay?

Beautiful jar with embedded plants

More Tutorial:

strawberry-shaped jar-final

Strawberry-shaped Jar Using Waste would be a great clay projects for kids and adult. It's easy, fun, and fulfilling craft project that can be made when family get together. Plus, crafting with waste material will inspire young kids about how to repurpose everyday objects to make their own beautiful masterpiece.

Fairy Train - Clayitnow

Beautiful Fairy Train From Cardboard/ Waste

DIY Cow Money Box

4 Seasons Gnome

Gnome with Secret Compartment

Valentine's Day Craft

How to make gnomes using air dry clay?

how to make gnomes using air dry clay?

Heart Shape vase/ Planter/ Pencil Holder:

How to make heart-shaped planter/ pencil holder?

Cute cat holding a heart:

Miniature Valentine's Fairy House

Christmas Craft

Beautiful & Unique Christmas House

Christmas house ideas

Christmas Mushroom House

Christmas Tree House Lamp

Christmas House with Snow (Solid & Liquid Snow)

Gnome with Christmas Tree Hat Paperweight

Rudolph the red nose reindeer

Poinsettia Fairy House

Pinecone Gnomes

Lighted Christmas Gnomes

Mother's Day Craft

Halloween Craft Ideas

Thanksgiving Craft Ideas

Other Ideas:

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