Angry Elf Figurine

Angry Elf figurine - Christmas Decoration

Angry Elf figurine was created based on Clayitnow's imagination and used for Christmas decoration.

We know Christmas is a season to be merry and jolly. But hey...if there is an Elf to work super hard this period, he must be under pressure and get angry easily. He might look like our figurine :)

Tools and materials

Angry Elf Figurine Step-by-step Guide

Angry Elf figurine - Christmas Decoration
  • Take your green color clay and start making the shape like the above pictures.
  • For shoes, roll the clay to ball shape and then to the teardrops and elongate the tip of the teardrop and roll it inward. Use your clay tool to indent the back of the teardrop so the leg can snug into it later on.
  • For body, roll the clay to a cylinder shape. 
  • And, make a cone shape of clay, pull the tip and hollow the base.

Angry Elf figurine - Christmas Decoration
Angry Elf figurine - Christmas Decoration
  • Let's make the head, arm and ear now.
  • Take your skin color clay. I add a little bit of red color clay to make it look hot and angry :)
  • Roll the clay to a ball shape, lightly press the ball shape. Use your finger to press the eyes area. 
  • Use your ball tool shape make an oval opening for mouth.
  • Roll small ball shape in the skin color for nose.
  • Roll two white ball shapes for eyes.
  • Roll oval shape clay in white color, flatten it and paste it on the mouth.
  • Roll smaller oval shape clay in red color, flatten it and paste it on top of the white clay at mouth area.
  • Use your clay tool to push the lower mouth area to create an angry or unhappy expression.
  • Add the eye balls, eyebrows and the ears.
  • Prepare the Elf's hands. Checkout sculptor101 detail tutorial on how to make figurine's hands.

Angry Elf figurine - Christmas Decoration
  • Now, take the wire and bend it to form the leg position you like. You can use toothpick too but the leg would be in straight position.
  • Cover the wire with red clay color and leave about 2 cm at both end uncovered.
  • Place the shoes on top of foam. 
  • Insert the legs to the shoes. Let the wire penetrate the foam to keep the leg in its position and leave it until the clay dry and strong enough to hold the body and head.
  • Then, insert the body, attach the arms, add the collar in red clay color and finally attach the head to the body.

Here is the final look of the angry Elf figurine.

Angry Elf figurine - Christmas Decoration

Have you done any figurines or other Christmas decoration? We would love to hear from you. 

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