Santa Claus Figurine

step-by-step guide to make santa claus figurine for christmas in air dry clay

Santa Claus figurine would be nice for Christmas decoration. Make the Father Christmas and tell the story to your kids while making this.

This Santa is our first Christmas clay craft. You can see many more in the bottom of the tutorial. Click next button to browse them one by one and back to this page to see new item when we add it to the list. 

Let's have fun.....

Tools and materials:

I used my basic clay tool from Makin to create this model. 

Basic Clay tools - Makin's clay tool


  • Air dry clay: you can use home-made cold porcelain clay or store bought air dry clay. I used Crayola model magic classroom pack from my previous clay class. It is really easy to handle and light-weight. It is a perfect material choice if you want to send the figurine as a gift by post. 
  • Wire and toothpick.
  • Glue. 
Crayola model magic, air dry clay, kid's clay

Santa Claus figurine step-by step guide:

Santa's shoes:

Santa Shoes - step-by-step guide to make santa claus figurine for christmas in air dry clay
  • Make 2 ball clay shapes in black color.
  • Change the shape to a long teardrop shape.
  • Curl up the sharper edge and indent the wider end with clay tool.

Legs and Body:

Santa shocks and fat tummy-step-by-step guide to make santa claus figurine for christmas in air dry clay
  • Cut two pieces of wire with length about 5 - 7 cm. 
  • Roll red and white clay to a pipe shape with diameter about 0.5 cm and length about 10cm.
  • Flatten the clay and cut in the middle.
  • Join these 2 part of clay and divide it to 2 parts again
  • Roll each part of the above clay to the wire so you'l have Santa's legs that as if wearing red and white legging. 
  • Attach the legs to the shoes and let it dry so it will be strong enough to support the body and head later on.
  • For the body, roll red clay to a big egg shape and wrap white pipe shape white clay around it. 
  • Insert the body to the legs.

Arms, Head, Face and Hat:

santa hat and face - step-by-step guide to make santa claus figurine for christmas in air dry clay
  • Roll red clay to cone shape or pipe shape for the arms, skin color clay for hands and attach the arms to the body.
  • For the head, start with small egg shape, flatten the top  part, add the eyes, and then couple of white clay in various tear drop shapes for the beard, mustache and eye brows. 
  • For hat, roll the clay to cone shape, hollow the base, wrap white clay around it and add small white ball shape at the end of the hat.

Well, your  Santa Claus figurine is ready!

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