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Easter Theme Fairy House DIY Idea

Let's make Easter theme fairy house with air dry clay. It's fun and enjoyable Easter craft. Good thing is you can recycle the jar and repurpose it. Have fun!

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Bee Fairy House Jar

Let's make easy bee fairy house with recycled jar which you can repurpose it as table lamp or unique container to keep things.

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Blue Mushroom Fairy House Idea

Blue mushroom fairy house idea - experimenting with shapes and colours.

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Blue Fairy House, Works with Homemade Clay

This blue fairy house may not have ordinary colour theme for fairy house. What do you think?

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Little Pumpkin Cottage House

Let's make little pumpkin cottage house with air dry clay or salt dough. You can use this as table light because you'll have LED tea light candle with on and off button.

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Lily Fairy House Jar Lantern Works with Air Dry Homemade Clay

Lily fairy house jar is my other flower fairy house series. I am sharing my easy steps to make lily clay flower with air dry homemade clay

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Sunflower Fairy House Jar Idea

Let's make sweet sunflower fairy house jar with air dry homemade clay.

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Best recipe for clay EVER!!!

I made the 3rd batch of this clay today, and just like the last two, it was perfect. I have tried anywhere from 10 to 12 other recipes online and this

Continue reading "Best recipe for clay EVER!!!"

How to Make MInions from Despicable Me 3?

When someone asked me "How to make minions with prison jumper"? I thought OMG...that must be hard, I am not sure if I can do it but I tried and taa..da... I've made it!

Continue reading "How to Make MInions from Despicable Me 3?"

Self Image figurine with Salt Dough

I thought this self image figurine project is fun for kids craft and fast to make because I use salt dough dried in microwave.

Continue reading "Self Image figurine with Salt Dough"

Broken ceramic wind chime

I wanted to send you a quick thank-you for the recipe for the modeling clay. My mom had a vintage ceramic wind chime with a broken bird. It hung on the

Continue reading "Broken ceramic wind chime"

Bicycle Clay: step-by-step DIY guide

Bicycle clay is one of clay figurines in my sports and hobbies series.

Continue reading "Bicycle Clay: step-by-step DIY guide"

Cupcakes for Mum

Cupcakes for mum are miniature cupcakes to celebrate Mother's Day.

Continue reading "Cupcakes for Mum "

Santa Claus figurine

Santa Claus figurine would be nice for Christmas decoration or a gift. Let us show you how to make your own Father Christmas with air dry clay

Continue reading "Santa Claus figurine"

I Love You Valentine's Day Craft

Say I love you with your handmade Valentine's day craft.

Continue reading "I Love You Valentine's Day Craft"

Cute Mini Figurines: Guide and Sample to Make Your Own "Mini Me"

Cute mini figurines are the best gift for your kids, friends and relatives. Let me show you how to make your own version of "Mini Me".

Continue reading "Cute Mini Figurines: Guide and Sample to Make Your Own "Mini Me" "

Designing Animal Figurine with Air Dry Clay

Designing animal figurine with air dry clay or other modeling clay is easy & fast when you follow my free tutorials.

Continue reading "Designing Animal Figurine with Air Dry Clay"

Salt Dough Craft, Traditional Material with 3 Drying Method

Salt dough craft was known for ages for its versatility, easy and cheap materials. I have played with it for sometimes and found there are 3 modified recipe for different drying method.Check it out!

Continue reading "Salt Dough Craft, Traditional Material with 3 Drying Method "

Boy Figurine Idea "I am a Traveler"

THis boy figurine idea came from last school holidays seasons where I saw one boy said "I am a traveler"

Continue reading "Boy Figurine Idea "I am a Traveler""

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