Mini Church in Winter with Fake Snow Using Toilet Paper Roll Tube and Air Dry Clay


This mini church in winter is popular at Clayitnow YouTube channel. The project is easy to make, suitable for all skill level and ages as long as you love to create things with your own hands.

Let's add a festive touch to our home décor during winter season with this craft project.

Winter is a magical time of the year, especially for those who have a passion for creating, it's the perfect time to get creative and make something special for the season. In this page, I am going to share with you how to make this mini church. 

First things first, gather your supplies.

Basic material to build the building masses is toilet paper roll tubes. Every household must have it, right? Do you collect them for crafts? I did! :) So, it's time to re-use and upcycle them.

I used standard toilet paper roll size available from our local groceries store in Melbourne, Australia. 

Some of you commented that the toilet paper roll tubes  are unhygienic. Really? I didn't see any problem with it. Anyway, if you concern about that, you can buy new cardboard tubes from craft stores.

We also need 1 long cardboard tube which I got it from our kitchen paper towel. Other supplies are craft knife, a ruler, pencil, scissor, cardboard from flat pack packaging, hot glue with hot glue gun, small paintbrush, acrylic paints, some cornstarch/ baking powder/ plaster, and air dry clay.

I use homemade air dry clay. If you prefer to buy ready made clay, you may like Das modelling clay since there are many good reviews about this product and commonly used by clay crafters around the world. 

Anyway, surely you can find all craft supplies at your local craft store or online. 

mini church in winter - clayitnow2

Steps to create mini church in winter:

mini church in winter - clayitnow 3

Once you have your supplies, it's time to start crafting! Start by making your paper towel cardboard tube and toilet paper roll tubes to rectangular shapes and cutting them into different lengths to create the different levels of church buildings.

Use your ruler to measure the height of each section and mark it with a pencil. Use your craft knife & scissor to cut along the marked lines.

I build 3 building masses with the tubes. 

minichurchinwinter-clayitnow 4

First building I make is the church tower. I started with marking all 4 sides of toilet paper roll tube to 5cm/ 1.96", 3.5cm/ 1.37", 3cm/ 1.18", and 4cm/ 1.57. But, in total, building height is 8.5cm/ 3.34" and roof height is 7cm/ 2.75".

Mark the center of the building at 8.5cm/ 3.34" height and draw triangle shape with the apex at 7cm/2.75" roof height. Do the same thing for all 4 sides. Then, cut the side of triangle shape and gather the top of 4 triangle point to one point with hot glue. You have the tower for the mini church now.

minichurchinwinter-clayitnow 5

The second one is the hall. Make 2 pieces of cardboard tube with building height of 4cm/ 1.57" and roof height 3cm/ 1.18".

For the side of the building, make 2 pieces of rectangular shape with this dimension: 2cm/ 0.78" , 4cm/ 1.57" (you will see in the video I use 4.5cm/ 1.77" -> It should be 4cm/ 1.57"), and 2cm/ 0.78".

Make score lines at 2cm/ 0.78" part, bend it and use hot glue to connect that 2cm/ 0.78" part to the other 2 pieces cardboards (front and back of the hall building).

minichurchinwinter-clayitnow 6

Then, connect the hall to the church tower.

minichurchinwinter-clayitnow 7

And the third one is the entrance. Mark the front part to 4cm/ 1.57" for building height and 2.5cm/ approx. 1" for roof height. 

Next, it's time to create the roof for the hall and the entrance. Flatten the cardboard tube, cut one side, cut the length slightly longer than the length of the hall building, open it up and attached to the hall building with hot glue. I didn't give you the dimension because you just need to follow whatever size you make for the hall.

Then work on the roof of the entrance building. You can see how I make the roof in the video. You may not see how I make the roof vent in the video because I have shown you in my miniature houses video tutorial which were using toilet paper roll tubes too.

minichurchinwinter-clayitnow 8

After all mini church building masses done, attached it to the base. Before I glue the base to the building, I attach 3 LED tealight candle to the base. You can see how I did that in my video. 

minichurchinwinter-clayitnow 9

Next is the clay time. We can create mini church in winter setting without adding clay. But, I prefer adding air dry clay because it make the building hard and sturdy. And, interesting texture can be added to the wall,  windows, and the roof that will show up after paintings. 

To avoid clay roof tiles dropping off when its dry, use water or glue to paste each tiles and press down the top part to the cardboard, then put another tiles at the side and top overlapping each others. 

Once you have added all of the details, let the clay dry completely. This may take a few hours or overnight depending on type of clay you use and the thickness of your clay.

Once your clay has dried, it's time to paint your mini church. Use your acrylic paints to add color and detail to your creation. You can paint the roof tiles darker than the walls of the church, or add some decorative details to the windows and doors. I choose natural color scheme and leave the window open without curtain or decoration. This way, the light looks brighter at night make me feel warm and cozy in the winter. 

minichurchinwinter-clayitnow 10

When you're finished painting, make fake snow to crease a mini church in winter scene. I mix plaster with glue for liquid snow and drop it on the roof and  on the ground, the same way I did on Christmas cottage fairy house. When the snow dry I spay glue on the hard snow and then use strainer to disperse the plaster of Paris. If you don't have plaster, you can use cornstarch or baking powder to create falling snow. 

Once all done, you can display it on a mantel, table or around Christmas tree to add some festive decoration to your home. 

Crafting during the winter months can be a fun way to pass the time and create something beautiful. Bu following the steps in this article, you can create your own mini church. Get creative and make it your own by adding your own unique details and colors.

If you want to see me making mini church in winter, I am sure you'll love watching below video. And, please remember to subscribe to Clayitnow channel and turn on the notification so, you'll know when new craft video uploaded. 

Happy crafting!

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