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The disclaimer is covering the use of information in this website, affiliate links and advertisements.

The website owner will not liable for any losses, sickness, injuries or damages from the use of information found here. 

This website is directed to adults. You must supervise young children when playing with clay (any type) and/ or when using any tutorial/ information from this website.

Do not eat the clay unless you are making a model with edible modeling material such as sugar paste or candy clay and treat those material carefully to make it edible - all at your own risk.

Always wash your hands fully with soap after playing with clay. 

Affiliate Links and Advertisements:

You will see affiliate links in this website such as Amazon and Google advertisement.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn tiny commission from qualifying purchases. It helps me as content creator to defray the expenses of running the website with no additional cost at your side.

Terms of Use:

90% of the web content covering designs and tutorials in this website were originally created by www.clay-it-now.com and have not been published in other websites or blogs. 

About 10% of the contents were contributed by other clay lovers like you. Proper credits have been given to all contributors including inspiration gathered from books and other sources. 

If you like our pages, designs, tutorials and pictures please do not hesitate to share them at your own Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter. All are welcome! I like your "Buzz"

However, you shall keep the original link and re-direct  those "buzzing" to www.clay-it-now.com as the original source.

DO NOT COPY duplicating or reproducing any part of my website content in any way without my consent.  Anything published in www.clay-it-now.com are fully protected by copyright law.

If you like my content, design, pictures or tutorials and would like to use them in your own website or blogs, please contact me for permission.  

Otherwise, you may recommend your site visitors to visit       www.clay-it-now.com website to print the pictures and tutorials.

A better way that would be appreciated by your site visitors probably is by making your own craft following my tutorial, mentioning the idea you had from www.clay-it-now, link to our website and write your own experience.

My website and works are not related to anyone or other website outside www.clay-it-now.com. 

We are located in Melbourne, Australia. 

Our website terms of use and conditions would be reviewed periodically and may be changed at any time and we are not responsible to inform anyone for the changes. 

Thank you.

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