Pumpkin Candy Jar with Black Spider

This pumpkin candy jar with black spider was made from salsa bottle and no cook play dough. Isn't it good to teach our kids about recycling in a fun way? 

And, if you are looking for Halloween craft ideas it would be a good craft to start with.  

Frankly speaking I don't celebrate Halloween. But the kids in our neighborhood will knock our door for tricks and treats. So I made this candy jar for them. 

Tools & Materials:

How to make Halloween candy jar?

pumpkincandyjar, Halloweencraft

Step 1:

Choose your glass jar for the craft & clean it.

pumpkincandyjar, Halloweencraft

Step 2:

Use permanent black marker to cover all graphics and wordings on the lid.

pumpkincandyjar, Halloweencraft

Step 3:

Crumpled aluminium foil to a ball shape with diameter about 3 cm.

pumpkincandyjar, Halloweencraft

Step 4:

Make 8 ball shapes of no cook play dough/ salt dough and then roll it to long oval shape. 

pumpkincandyjar, Halloweencraft

Step 5:

Cover your aluminium foil ball shape with dough.

pumpkincandyjar, Halloweencraft

Step 6:

Make the top of the pumpkin. Use white glue to attach this to the pumpkin.

pumpkincandyjar, Halloweencraft

Step 7:

Start painting your pumpkin including the top part. 

Step 8:

Make 2 ball shapes from cold porcelain, 1 big and 1 small for body and head of the spider. And then roll 6 skinny spaghetti shape clay for spider's legs. 

Place the above clay shapes on top of the pumpkin and paint the spider with black paint. Also make some orange dots on the body and two white dots for the eyes.

It's done!

Ps. By the way, I've just uploaded "friendly spider" tutorial for more details. 

pumpkin candy jar, halloween craft, Halloween candy jar

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