Bicycle Clay

bicycle clay, bicycle figurine

This bicycle clay may not suitable for kids below 10 years old because I am using wire and cutter. 

Tools & Materials:

  • Air dry clay (check out my page about "what clay to buy" to see 3 different type of air dry clay and also oven baked clay). I used red and black soft clay for my bicycle.
  • Chain wire (you may find it at the landscape area at your local DIY store)
  • Floral tape
  • Black thread
  • Wire cutter
  • Glue

Steps to make bicycle clay:

bicycle clay, bicycle figurine-step1
bicycle clay, bicycle figurine-step2
  • Cut the wire to about 5 - 6 centimeter. Make 8 equal length.
  • Take the two wires and make a cross. Tie them together with black thread. Make two crosses.
  • Join the two crosses with black thread again. Please see the second picture  for your reference. 

bicycle clay, bicycle figurine-step3
bicycle clay, bicycle figurine-step4
  • Roll black clay to 2 small ball shapes, flatten it lightly and paste it on the middle of the wire. It will cover the black thread on both sides.
  • Wrap the perimeter of the wire with your thread to get the estimated length of the wheel. 
  • Roll your black clay to a spaghetti shape with diameter about 0.5 - 1 centimeter. 

bicycle clay, bicycle figurine-step5
bicycle clay, bicycle figurine-step6
  • You have the wheel now. Make another one in the same way.
  • Let it dry in room temperature.
  • Next, roll the red color clay (or other color if you like) to a spaghetti shape and flatten it to about 2 -3 millimeter thick.
  • Cut this to about 1/3 of the wheel length and paste it on to it  with glue. 
  • Do this for the other wheel too.

bicycle clay, bicycle figurine-step8
  • Let's make the handle bar and the handle post that looks like a fork.
  • Cut your wire and shape it like the above.
  • Join the two wire shapes with floral tape.
  • Cover the wire with red clay.

bicycle clay, bicycle figurine-step10
  • Paste both ends of the headset fork to the center of the front wheel with glue.
  • You'll need another fork shape for the back wheel, seat post and  the middle bar.  
  • Cut the wire and bend it to form the shape like the one in the picture and then cover the wire with clay again.
  • Joint both ends of the fork to the center of the back wheel and the other end to the front wheel.
  • For the seat, roll your black clay to a ball shape and then triangle shape and insert this to the seat post.
  • You can add the crank & pedal now and also top bar connecting the front wheel to the seat post to stiffen your bicycle clay.
  • Lastly, I add black clay to cover the handle. 

The bicycle figurine is ready now. If you make a bike following this tutorial we want to see your work. Please share your picture using the submission form below or post it to our Facebook page.

Have fun....


We've just uploaded our mini bicycle video tutorial. You'll see us making the bike without wire here.

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