Birds with Two Hearts Fridge Magnet, 
Handmade Valentine's Gift

Birds with two hearts fridge magnet might not be your usual Valentine's gift which most of the time is roses, bear or chocolate.

But...this is handmade Valentine's gift!  For me,  the best gift is handmade because it's unique. Sometimes you just couldn't buy this kind of gift with money. 

With hours spent on the work the person who making the gift had been thinking about the other person. You'll feel the love that have been put in during the process to the completion of the gift. Don't you agree?

Do you remember the last time your young kid gave you his/her abstract (doodling) painting for your birthday present? It might be ugly for others but it means a lot to you I am sure. Well, you knew what I meant.

Alright! Let me share my steps to make this fridge magnet.


Steps to make birds with two hearts:

Tools & Materials (Step 1):

birdswithtwoheartsfridgemagnet-handmadevalentine'sgift-stepbystep tutorial

Step 2: Making Hearts & Male Bird

  • Prepare red clay color for hearts, flower base, wings, upper thigh and leg. Small black clay for the beak. Yellow clay for small flower and pink or orange color clay for the body.
  • You can use small heart cutter if you have it. If not, roll the clay to ball shape and then tear drop shape, flatten it on flat table surface lining with baking/ wax paper, cut small triangle on the wider end and smooth the sides.
  • Make the bird's body, wing, thigh and leg following the above picture. Adjust the size to fit your base. 

Step 3: Making Female Bird

  • I used lighter and darker green clay color to make a female bird. But you can choose any colors you like. Do the same thing like you did for the male bird.
  • Make a small rose flower by rolling red clay to a spaghetti shape, flatten it and roll the clay to form the flower.
  • Make some leave shapes in case you need them to create balance or cover up empty space on the base of the artwork. 

Step 4: Composition

  • Start the composition by placing the main items: birds with two hearts and adjust the position until you are happy with it. 

Step 5: Pasting All Elements

  • Once you have decided on the composition, continue with pasting all elements. you can decorate your hearts or birds with glitter

Step 6: Finishing - Customizing the Gift

  • After pasting all elements,  you might want to decorate the hearts, the birds or the leaves with glitter glue. 
  • Now, it's time to customize your Valentine's gift. Use your black marker to write the initial of the person that going to receive the gift. You can also use alphabetical sticker that you can buy from your local stationary shop.  
  • Glue the magnet to the back of the clay base with glue gun when it's completely dry.
  • Finally, protect your birds with two hearts piece with a thin layer of clear nail polish. That's it!

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