Handmade Donkey Planter That Looks Like Ceramic

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Let's make donkey planter using jar and air dry clay that looks like ceramic. Well.. I said looks like but it's not of course:) That's why I call my craft copycat pottery. I have mentioned before that I like pottery but I don't have the kiln or the wheel. And, it's not cheap to work with pottery clay. 

So, here is my improvised ceramic-like planter craft creation to share with you. 

Steps to make donkey planter jar:

donkey planter jar and air dry clay - tools

First of all, prepare your materials. Basic materials you need to start with this craft project are aluminium foil, hot glue and hot glue gun, used salsa jar or any type of jar you have, few sheets of tissue paper with white glue, water, brush and air dry clay. 

In my page about "what clay to buy" you'll see that there are 3 types of air dry clay: paper clay, soft clay and modelling clay.

In this project, I use homemade modelling clay with flour base and additional of tissue paper mixed onto the wet clay.

First step to make donkey planter is to wrap the top of the jar with tissue paper. Use brush, water and glue to stick the tissue on to the jar. I did it this way so when we wrap the jar with aluminium foil, we'll not see the foil from inside jar. It looks tidy and clean.

The next step, make 4 pieces of cylinder shape of aluminium foil for the legs. Paste this 4 legs to the bottom of the jar with hot glue. 

Then, wrap the leg and the base of jar with air dry clay. Stop and wait until the clay dry to move to the next step.

donkey planter jar and air dry clay - how to make donkey planter

After the clay on the legs and base of jar dry, make the donkey head/ face and ears with aluminium foil.

Paste the ears on the head. Then, paste the head on to the jar. 

To finish our donkey planter, wrap the whole jar, donkey head and ears with clay. Also, add the tail. At this stage you can add anything you like to decorate the planter like adding small flowers or make some marks on the wet clay.

I want to make the planter looks like ceramic with a little bit of rough surface, so leave the clay surface uneven or bumpy at certain part of the jar. 

Again, stop and wait until the whole clay surface dry.

Once the clay dry, apply a thin layer of gesso universal primer with brush. This universal primer helps to seal the clay and also smooth the clay surface. 

donkey planter jar and air dry clay - how to make donkey planter

Finally, paint our donkey planter with acrylic paints. I use thick - undiluted burnt sienna on all clay surface for few layers. 

After the burnt sienna dry, I use cream acrylic paints. And then I added some black weed shadows on the jar for decorations and style. 

donkey planter jar and air dry clay - how to paint

That's it! we are done :) It's easy, isn't it?

Thank you for your visit.

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donkey planter jar and air dry clay - copycat pottery
donkey planter jar and air dry clay - copycat pottery

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