How to make an awesome hobbit hole with air dry clay?

hobbit house clay - awesome hobbit hole - clayitnow

Good news! It's easy to make an awesome hobbit hole with air dry clay. What we need is a good house and land contour shape built with salsa jar, cardboard and aluminium foil.  

I have published my video tutorial at Clayitnow's YouTube channel. In that video,  you'll see that I use thread for the hinges. 

I know this is not really strong material for hinges but this is something that might be easily available for everyone. And, yeah...I saw this in my drawer and thought ..aha! let me make use of it. Let's make an experiment. Can we use thread as the hinges?

Yes! we can. It works well and surprisingly it is not as week as i thought before.

It's good to create hobbit house with door that can be opened or closed. When I went to Hobbiton, the Lord of the Ring movie set, I saw the door opened to the inside of the door. But, in this craft project I make the door open to outside. This way, we'll have enough space to put in 2 or 3 LED Tealight candle inside the jar. 

How to make an awesome hobbit hole with simple materials? 

hobbit house clay - awesome hobbit hole - clayitnow

Basically we only have 3 big steps to make hobbit hole. Step 1 is about building the skeleton with cardboard and aluminium foil.

Step 2 is about wrapping the hobbit house with air dry clay, defining the shape, adding elements and textures.  Choose the type of clay you like and easy to work with. It's either paper clay, soft clay or modelling clay. Here I use homemade modelling clay

Below is my work in progress picture. Did you notice that the homemade clay looks whiter when it's dry?

hobbit house clay - awesome hobbit hole - air dry clay tutorial

Next step, step 3 is about painting. Painting is really important here and at the same time, enjoyable. It's satisfying to see plain white dry clay turns to an awesome house.

I use acrylic paints to paint dry clay. Don't worry about the brand though. Any acrylic paints would be fine.

In this craft project, I use mixed painting technique.

You'll see in my video that I use diluted paints for grass, stone and timber planks but then I use solid, thick paints for roof tiles, moss, and bricks at chimney area.

Gosh...I love my own creation and I will not give this away to anyone :) If you like this and want to make one for yourself, visit my YouTube channel and watch the whole video.  You'll see that it is really easy to make hobbit hole using our own hands. Btw, Please SUBSCRIBE to my channel, so you'll be notified when new video uploaded.

Oh yah..below picture is the back of the house. I use a mixture of sap green, light green and raw umber to have variation of green color.

Have fun! Thank you for your visit and for watching my video.

hobbit house clay - awesome hobbit hole - painted with acrylic paints - view from the back.

Hobbit hole video tutorial:

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