How to Make Aries Zodiac Animal Planter?

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I make this Aries zodiac animal planter as a birthday gift to my girlfriend. She is one of the nicest friends I have, a strong woman with heart made of gold. That's why I've painted the heart shape with gold acrylic color :)

Hope she likes it and appreciate my handmade gift. 

Aries zodiac animal sign is the ram, so I have emphasized the HORN as the main focus in my planter design.

You are Aries if you were born between 21st March and 19th April. It was said that the element for women who born on above date is FIRE. Alright! I think orange color is fiery enough. That's the reason why I chose orange color for my planter. 

This time, I don't use multi-color for my craft project. I think mono-color like this looks more elegant and nice for home decoration item. 

If you make Aries zodiac animal planter following my tutorial, you can choose any color you like though.

Let's play!

Steps to make Aries zodiac animal planter:

Tools and materials:

  • Glass jar - any shape and size. Here I use salsa jar. By the way, don't forget to clean up your jar (wash it with hot water and soap or put it in dishwasher).f
  • Toilet paper - don't worry! we need few sheets only.
  • PVA glue/ school glue
  • Newspaper/ plastic/ magazine - anything you can reuse to build up the body of the ram.
  • Tapes
  • Aluminium foil
  • Hot glue and hot glue gun
  • Air dry clay. I use Clayitnow's best homemade clay here but you can use any type of air dry clay. Visit my page about "what clay to buy" to see 3 different types of air dry clay available in the market.
  • Black Gesso universal primer to seal the clay and also to prepare the clay surface for painting. You can use black acrylic color if you don't have the primer but I would prefer primer. If you are in Australia, you can buy black gesso universal primer at Amazon
  • Acrylic paints with brush and water.
  • And finally varnish or mod podge to seal the craft.

Alright! First thing you need to do is to cover the jar with tissue paper. This way, you will see clean, white color jar from the inside.

Brush the glue on the outside glass jar and paste tissue paper on wet glue You can dab water on top of the tissue if you want and then wait until the tissue dry.

After the tissue dry, add newspaper to change the jar shape from cylindrical to rounded shape. Use tape to secure the newspaper. Keep doing this until you are happy with the shape.

how to make Aries zodiac animal planter? step by step tutorial-1-clayitnow

Next steps, make 4 legs with rolling paper, paste it to the jar. Then cover the whole jar with aluminium foil. 

Also, make the basic horn and face shape of the ram with aluminium. Paste this to the jar with hot glue and hot glue gun.

After that, cover the jar with air dry clay start from the legs. Stop and wait until the clay dry then cover the body and the horn with clay.

how to make Aries zodiac animal planter? step by step tutorial-2-clayitnow

Our Aries zodiac animal planter is almost done :) You'll see that the homemade clay color turn to white from yellowish dough color when it is dry. 

Apply black gesso universal primer on dry clay. You can use hair dryer to speed up the drying time of the primer.

how to make Aries zodiac animal planter? painting-1-clayitnow
how to make Aries zodiac animal planter? painting-2-clayitnow

Finally, paint your Aries zodiac animal planter with your favorite color. I use orange here. That's it! We are done!

Aries zodiac animal planter-clayitnow-1
Aries zodiac animal planter-clayitnow-2

Thank you for your visit. 

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