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Though it's not a very long list (ehm...eventually it will be longer after sometimes because I will update the list periodically when I have new project), you'll see useful clay craft ideas at clayitnow site map for you to develop your own creation. 

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clayitnow site map

What is it about Clay?

What Clay to Buy?

Homemade Clay Recipe

New With Clay Craft?

Clay Design Starter

Need Help To Make Animal Figurines?

Learn To Design & Make Animal Figurine With Air Dry Clay

How To Make "Mini-Me" Figurine?

Guide To Design & Make Your Own Cute Mini Figurine

Cartoon Character Tutorial

How To Design & Make Cartoon Character?

How To Make Easy Clay Flower?

Clay Flowers: All Season Bloom

Miniature Here and There :)

Miniature Clay Art

Easy Craft Ideas

Clay Projects For Kids - Play With Clay

All Occasions Clay Craft Ideas

   Valentine's Day Craft

   Christmas Craft

   Mother's Day Craft

   Halloween Craft Ideas


Make Our Imagination Comes Alive!!

Fairy House Ideas & Tutorial

4 Christmas Fairy House Project Ideas

Fruit Fairy Houses DIY

Just For Reference :)

Clay Craft Books


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Share Your Craft & Pictures


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