How to Make Minions From Despicable Me 3?

How to Make Minions from Despicable Me 3 with air dry clay?

I was a little bit not sure when someone ask me "how to make minions from Despicable Me 3 movie? oo...let me think I said.

No doubt I have been playing with clay for almost 10 years by now but I've done many clay projects for young kids in easy and fast way. I am good with claying things to simple shapes and forms :)

I am asking myself how to make minions with prison jumper in easy way so parents/ teacher can share the technique .

I look around my drawer and aha...I saw my clay extruder. I thought, well that would be helpful. Indeed, it helps me to make black and white stripes. 

Okay! the hardest part of making this figurine sorted out :)

The rest, as you see in my Kevin, 2015 minion is not that hard. 

Alright! let's have fun.

How to make minions with prison jumper in easy way?

How to Make Minions from Despicable Me 3 with air dry clay?

First of all, let's decide what clay you want to use

Well, I play a lot with homemade clay recently but I have decided to use store-bought soft air dry clay this time like those time when I started playing with clay. 

Step 1: Making the body & mouth

Let's start making a ball shape which then you can change it to cylinder shape with length approximately 5 cm (or about 2 inches).

Then, use your smiling clay tool or drinking straw to make unhappy mouth (inward curve line) . 

You can cut drinking straw to half and push this to the yellow cylinder. Well, I used drinking straw :)

Step 2: Making the jumper

Start with a small ball shape in black colour, flatten it with rolling pin or flat bottom glass as I did because I realized that it would be easier to make round flat clay with round glass than rolling pin :).

Paste black flat round surface to the bottom part of yellow cylinder and smooth it out.

Then make spaghetti shape with clay extruder. If you don't have clay extruder, roll the clay with fingers on flat surface to make spaghetti shapes. 

Start with white spaghetti, wrap it around minion's body on top of black round base that you have done it previously.

And continue by alternating the color between black and white.

Add the straps and then paint white straps with black water color paints. I add cling wrap to protect the body from black paints.

Btw, don't forget to make half flat round white clay where you can add the prison number on it.

Step 3: Making the legs

The next step is to make the legs and shoes.

I make two white small cylinder shape and 1 black.

Place the black one in between the 2 white and roll it. Then tapered the top part where you can then paste it to the bottom part of minion's body.

And, add small shoe.

Do the same things for the other leg.

Step 4: Making the goggle and eye

For goggle, start with light grey small ball shape, flatten it and then make round hole in the middle with drinking straw. 

As for the eye, start with small white ball shape flatten it, add dark brown flat round clay on top of it, add small black dot.

Then, make half flat round yellow clay for eyelid.

Step 5: Making the gloves and hands

Finally, make the hands and gloves the same way as we did for Kevin, 2015 Minion. That's it. We are done :) 

You can make more minions with different prison number, add the hair, change their hands position or make 2 eyes minions. 

Do you want to see me making this minion? Click below start button to watch the video.

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