Chanterelle Mushroom House Air Dry Clay Tutorial

This chanterelle mushroom house was inspired by real edible wild mushroom, chanterelle. I like it's funnel-shaped and bright yellow-orange color. I use this as my inspiration for my mushroom fairy house clay project.

I make my fairy house with upside down mushroom as the roof with kind of exposed root :) 

mushroom fairy house-chanterelle mushroom - clayitnow

This mushroom house is very easy to make. When you follow my step-by-step instruction here or watching my YouTube video, surely you can make this even if it is your first time making fairy house using jar and air dry clay.

How to make chanterelle mushroom house?

First of all, prepare your materials and tools. Again, it is very simple.

Basically, you only need a jar, some thick paper or cardboard from packaging, tapes, aluminium foil, hot glue stick and hot glue gun, and of course air dry clay.

You can use any type of jars: mason jar or a mini version of glass jar is fine. I used mini jar that was used to be my pesto jar:)

Most important thing in this craft project is your choice of air dry clay. I use homemade paper clay for this project which is basically air dry homemade clay with additional of tissue paper.

If you want to buy air dry clay, visit my page: what clay to buy to see 3 types of air dry clay available in the market for your considerations.

chanterelle mushroom house - clayitnow 2

Step 1:

My step one is about covering the jar with air dry clay. Also, making the opening for windows, door and others for the light to shine out when you put in LED tealight candle inside the jar.

Don't be hurry or greedy :) You can't do everything in one step though. So, once you have done this, stop and wait until the clay dry.

chanterelle mushroom house - clayitnow 3

Step 2:

In my video, you'll see that I make fairy door and mushroom after the clay on the jar dry.

But, while waiting for the clay on the jar dry, you can actually work on the big chanterelle mushroom for the roof. 

So, I make this as step 2 :)

Start by making a cone shape from thick paper/ cardboard, insert aluminum foil for the stem. Then, make about 4 pieces of flat oval shape aluminium foil.

Also, make a dormer roof. You'll see that I make kind of rounded shingle roof effect for dormer roof. You can see my tutorial for the roof at my mini fairy house project

Then, cover the roof (the upside down mushroom) with air dry clay and..wait again until the clay dry :)

mushroom fairy house -air dry clay tutorial

Step 3:

Now, let's go back to the jar. When the clay on the jar has dried,  add fairy door, window's grills and small chanterelle mushrooms. 

Make the mushroom shape with aluminium foil. Wrap the aluminium foil mushroom with clay. And, use wet clay as your glue to paste the mushroom to the jar.

chanterelle mushroom house - clayitnow 4

Step 4:

This is the final step and most exciting one. It's painting time. It is a time to transform your plain white chanterelle mushroom house clay to something interesting. 

What is your painting style? I like to make my mushroom fairy house looks rugged and a little bit mystical..Ehm... is that the right word? May be enchanting is a better word ha..ha..

I use acrylic paints to paint my mushroom fairy house. I add water to my paints and apply to the clay surface lightly with paint brush.

I'll wait until the first layer of paints dry then add stronger color shade/ tone until I am happy with it. 

For the jar, I use diluted yellow acrylic paint with diluted raw umber for shading. I also use diluted raw umber for wood effect on the door and windows.

For the mushroom (small mushroom and big mushroom roof) I use a mixture of lemon yellow, yellow ochre, orange and burnt sienna

Oh'll see that I use blue color for dormer roof window. i was imagining that this was reflection of the sky on the window :)

Alright! Final step? add artificial moss or other decorative items to make your chanterelle mushroom house looks attractive.

That's it! we are done with our chanterelle mushroom house project.

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Thanks for your visit.

chanterelle mushroom house - clayitnow 5
mushroom fairy house -chanterelle -clayitnow
mushroom fairy house air dry clay tutorial - clayitnow

Video tutorial:

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