Sheep Clay Figurine

Sheep Clay Figurine - How to make sheep

Our sheep clay figurine might not look like the real sheep as you know. Indeed!  But it's showing (again) that we are free to express our thought and imagination in our clay creations. 

I tried to capture the character of the animal which was crafty, warm, tasteful and intuitive according to Chinese zodiac in my figurine design :)

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So, how to make sheep clay figurine?

Step 1:

Sheep clay figurine - how to make sheep - STEP1
  • Start by rolling your air dry clay to a cone shape and press lightly the part close to the top. Please check out our clay basic shapes if you are not sure. 
  • Use your handmade texture tool made of toothpicks to create the fur. 
  • Make 4 legs using different clay colors. Start by rolling the clay to a small ball, and then to a cone shape and flatten one side of the cone. Wrap the wire with clay and insert the wire to the cone shape. Leave it until the clay dry and hard.

Step 2:

Sheep clay figurine - how to make sheep - STEP2
  • Insert the legs to the body. Adjust the leg position and direction as you like for different expression. 
  • Roll small white clay to a ball shape and use your handmade texture again. Next, wrap the wire (length about 2 centimeter) with clay and insert one of the end to the small ball and the other end to the back of the body. 

Step 3:

Sheep clay figurine - how to make sheep - STEP3
  • Let's make the head and face now.  Roll your clay to a cone shape and  flatten the top part.
  • Cut the narrow side and make smile line. 
  • Next, roll red clay to a small ball clay, flatten it and cut to half for the tongue.

Step 4:

Sheep clay figurine - how to make sheep - STEP34
  • Next, we'll be making the eyes, horn and nose.
  • Make two small white balls, flatten it and paste them to the head. Make two small black clay for the eye balls or you can use black marker to draw the eye balls.
  • Roll a small white ball again for the eye lids, flatten it and cut to two. Bend it lightly and paste it on top of the eye ball.
  • Roll two pipe clay shapes to about 5 centimeter or 2 inches, sharpen one of its end and press it lightly. Use toothpick or clay knife to draw lines on top of it. Curl the pipe and paste it to the top of the head. 
  • Add a little bit of hair in between the horns.
  • Add the nose. Initially I use black clay for the nose but then I change it to white clay to make the face look softer.


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