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Hello again! I decided to write about my bee fairy house jar because I am so grateful receiving your critics and praises :) 

The best critic I received was for my pictures that I've shared in clayitnow instagram and facebook page previously.

Some of you told me that my bee fairy house design is very nice, beautiful, creative, and authentic but the pictures were taken badly! ha..ha..ha...well, you know that I am a clay crafter not a photographer..LOL.

Anyway, that critic encourage me to learn to take better photo and yeah...I took another shot and share my pictures again here. Thank you for giving me photo tips...you know who you are if you read this blog :).

Alright! back to my claycraft now. Let me share my steps here. 

Steps to make bee fairy house:

You will need a jar (any size). I use small pesto jar. Honestly, my kitchen cupboard full of jar like this and could make many fairy houses with it :)

You will also need aluminium foil, tissue roll, white glue/ school glue, hot gun glue, water, paint brush, acrylic paints and air dry clay. 

You can use any type or brand of air dry clay like DAS clay, Makin's clay, FIMO, Sculpey modelling air dry clay, Mont Marte air hardening clay, Crayola air dry clay, etc. ...etc...Or, cold porcelain clay.

You can visit my page, what clay to buy for your reference if you are new in this craft.

For me, I use homemade clay. Basically, I have mix my 2 recipes to make strong, hard and easy to handle air dry clay.

You can check my best homemade clay and tissue paper clay recipe. Yup! I have combined those 2 recipes with ratio about 3:1 uhm...estimated :)


First of all, I make couple of honey jars in different sizes with air dry clay. I have also added kind of overflow honey on top of the jar. Leave this honey jars to dry. 

You know the clay has dried when the colour turn to white, like plaster white. 

honey bee fairy house jar - clayitnow


This step basically to build up the shape of the roof and the house. You can start making the roof first or the house first. Again, no wrong or right :)

Let say, we start with the house first, you need to build up the shape of the base, door and windows.

In my video and below picture you see that I use tissue paper to cover the jar. Well, this is just my effort to make the jar looks cleaner from inside. Yeah..I don't want to see aluminium from inside the jar :)

When the clay still wet, add in your dry honey jars (from step 1) here and there.

After you've finished covering the jar and all shapes with air dry clay, leave it until clay dry and move to the next step.

honey bee fairy house jar -  by clayitnow

STEP 3: 

Now, make the roof which looks like beehive. Create any shape you like, stamp it with anything to create texture and design on the roof. And, add a cute bee figurine.

It's easy to make the bee. I would recommend you to watch my video for this at Clayitnow's YouTube channel.

When you've finished with the roof, again, wait until the clay dry completely. 


Once the roof and the house dry, seal the clay with a thin layer of gesso universal primer and let the primer dry.

honey bee fairy house jar -  by clayitnow


Final step is painting your bee fairy house! It's the most exciting step because you'll see your craft transform from plain white shape to a beautiful creation. 

And, there is no wrong or right in painting. As the artist, you are free to choose your color scheme of painting style. 

You'll see that I paint my beehive with green colour. Why? because I see this beehive covered with plants, leaves under the shadow of trees around it. so I am seeing green instead of yellow gold or honey color :)

honey bee fairy house jar -  by clayitnow

Uhm..we've done with our bee fairy house jar clay craft!

You can see the back of the house in below picture. 

What do you think? Please go to my facebook page and share your comments or opinion. Thank you. Till next craft!

honey bee fairy house jar -  by clayitnow

Btw, click below picture or link to see my video.

Honey Bee Fairy House Jar

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