Vegetable Clay Miniatures

In this page you'll see my step-by-step guide to make vegetable clay miniatures such as tomatoes, eggplants and chilies. 

If you want to make other type of vegetables clay and not sure how to make them, please feel free to contact Clayitnow or check out our Miniature Clay Books.

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Materials and Tools:

  • Polymer clay or air dry clay in green color, purple color clay for eggplant, red color clay for tomato and chili. Makin's air dry clay would be best choice for this type of craft because the clay will dry hard in room temperature and easy to handle. Please go to what clay to buy page for more information if you are not sure. You can also make your own clay with our modelling clay recipes.
  • White PVC glue
  • Craft varnish
  • Clay knife
  • Clay detailing tools

Here are our favorite vegetable clay miniatures:

Miniature tomatoes:

tomatoes, tomatoes clay, vegetable clay miniatures

I made these miniatures after receiving fresh tomatoes from my neighbor. Those were from their backyard garden and the best harvest of the season. This is my favorite vegetable clay and I use it in most of my clay jewelry for earrings and bracelets. 


How to make tomatoes clay?

  • Make several small ball shapes from red clay - about 1 cm in diameter. 
  • Use your clay knife tool to draw the plus sign on top of the ball lightly.
  • Make several small ball shapes again, about 3 mm in diameter but this time in green color clay. 
  • Flatten the balls and cut the outer circle with clay knife to four section to about 3 mm from the center. Pull the four section slightly and roll the end to form a sharp shape. 
  • Attach this green clay on top of the red ball clay with glue and poke the middle part with your clay detailing tool or toothpick.
  • If you want to use this tomatoes clay as your jewelry beads, insert jewelry pin before the clay dry completely. 

Miniature eggplants:

eggplants clay miniatures, vegetable clay

How to make eggplants clay?

  • Take your dark purple clay.
  • Start with a ball shape and then pull it out a little bit to sausage shape and lastly tapered one of the end to a slimmer shape. Please see our clay basic shapes page if you are not sure.
  • Bend the middle part of the sausage lightly.
  • Make a small teardrop shape with green clay. Split the wider part of teardrop to 4 sections and shape them.
  • Place the green clay on top of the purple clay. Use white glue to secure it.  

Miniature chilies:

chilies clay miniatures, vegetable clay

How to make chilies clay?

  • Roll your red clay to a teardrop shape but pull out the sharp end slightly longer than usual teardrop. And shape the chili to your preference in term of diameter and length. 
  • Roll small cone shape in green color clay and paste it to the red clay with white glue. 

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