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Let's make fruits fairy house DIY. Yes! you can do it with your own hands because it is easy. Surely, you can do this even if you are new in this kind of craft projects.

I love fruits! who doesn't? 

When I eat my fruits sometimes I wonder if the fairies will live inside them. If yes, how would the house look like?

My imagination moves my hands to create something. So, here I am sharing my fruit series fairy houses.

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But, since I don't talk in my video except adding the caption/ subtitles for the steps I did, let me put in the ideas behind my craft creations in this page. Also, it might be easier for you to see all the fruits fairy house series in one place.

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Let's explore the fruits fairy house ideas

I was divided between modern or classic style fruits fairy house design. I ask some of little friends I knew, ha..ha..yeah, the kids who love fairies. 

They said, "Fairies are not a new thing. They've been around (are they around us? in our mind, I think) for thousand years! They live in a beautiful house - any house but an old house, definitely not a new/ modern house."

Ehm...I like simple shape like those we have for modern design but, don't worry! I will play with paints to make the house looks old :)

Latest Project:

Mini Gourd Fairy House

Fantasy Mangosteen Fairy House

Tomato Fairy House

What if tomato can grow money? ugh...that's impossible, right? The possible one is to save money in this cute little tomato fairy house money bank/ piggy bank.

Isn't it nice to make a unique but useful craft? This would be one of thoughtful gift ideas. 

And, we don't need to spend a lot of money to make this project. 

I make this fairy house with cardboard, vitamin plastic bottle, and old newspaper. I use paper mache technique to make this tomato. 

As for the clay, I use homemade newspaper clay recipe.

Lemon Fairy House

My lemon tree is my inspiration for this craft. I saw one lemon fell on the ground with its tiny twig piercing the ground. I thought..oh that's how the lemon stand on the ground :) 

So, I make lemon fairy house with that scene in mind.

I use balloon as mold then cover it with craft plaster cloth to make the lemon shape. Finally, I use best homemade clay recipe with additional tissue paper.

Pomegranate Fairy House

Are you thinking of deep maroon or red wine color for pomegranate? I was thinking the same too. But, my tree at the backyard telling me different thing. Our pomegranate fruits have never given us that deep red wine color fruit, instead of yellowish or light color. Look at below picture.

So, I've painted my pomegranate fairy house with this image in mind.

pomegranate fruits

Again, beside of night light or decoration for indoor fairy garden, we can use this pomegranate house as pen holder or planter for artificial flower. It looks awesome for home decoration. 

What do you think?

Watermelon Fairy House 

Do you know that the farmers are getting creative nowadays? They grow watermelon in any kind of shapes. That inspire me to make cylindrical watermelon fairy house with used jar. 

Isn't it good to upcycling old jar to an art piece? 

This time, I've painted the door with a little bit of modern design where the lights shine out through the seeds.

Do you like this style of design?

Strawberry Fairy House

Do you know there is white strawberry? I almost make white strawberry fairy house but then I have changed my mind and chose unripe strawberry color for my house :)

I use clay texture paste and homemade clay for this project.

Acorn Fairy House

If you search the internet, most of acorn fairy houses were designed vertically. I've challenged myself to make a horizontal acorn house. 

I am using a jar, so, I have added cardboard pieces to form the acorn shape. I am very happy with the final result, especially with the cap that was sculpted with clay (again, I used basic homemade clay recipe with additional tissue paper). 

This is the end but not the last project of fruits fairy houses. They are many ideas in my mind now waiting for the realization. 

So, stay tuned.

Pumpkin Fairy House

Yeah...that's right! Here it is new project for fruits fairy house uploaded to my channel.

Green Apple Fairy House

Tadaa....another new project for fruits fairy house uploaded to my channel. Have you watched it? 

Banana Fairy House

Then, I have a new idea again for fruits fairy house when I ate my banana. Yeah....will fairy lives in banana house? tooth fairy maybe? LOL.

So, I built the house with used jar, cardboard, paper, and homemade air dry clay with texture paste basic ingredient

Pineapple Fairy House

It is summer in Melbourne, Australia and there are pineapple almost everywhere in grocery stores around our area. I love the fruit though it's not easy to peel off the skin. It took me sometimes and while peeling the pineapple skin I was amazed with its beauty.

Thought, it would be nice to make pineapple fairy house. So, here I am sharing another idea for fruits fairy house.

Don't worry! it is very easy to make this house using jar and air dry clay (any types/ brands). In this craft project I use clayitnow's best homemade clay recipe.

Mini Cherry Fairy House Lamps

Hope those pretty fairies will love these beautiful cherry houses designed for them :)

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