Ice Hockey Boy Figurine

ice hockey boy figurine

I think this ice hockey boy figurine would be one of the best birthday gifts for those boys who just picked up ice hockey as their winter sport.

Winter in June? That's right! We are having winter in Melbourne now until August while those in Northern hemisphere is on summer. 

Steps to make ice hockey boy figurine:

ice hockey figurine step by step

Shoes with skating blade

It's a good practice to start any type of figurine from the base or shoes.

For this figurine, I started rolling 2 pieces of black air dry clay to something like bowling shape with length about 3 centimeter. 

Next, I bent the body of the bowling pin shape clay at about 1 centimeter from the top to 90 degree and then flare it with ball shape clay tool. 

After that I used yellow clay to make 2 cross signs for shoestring and paste this on each shoe. 

For skating blade , I've simplified the shape like the picture. It basically from a small spaghetti/ pipe shape clay.

I cut 2 short parts of the clay and paste these to a longer pipe that was used as base.  

Attach those two points to the bottom of the shoes. Let them dry and harden in room temperature.

Legs and Body

I used my yellow clay again for the socks or legs. Roll the clay to two pipe shape again. Bend the legs to a position you like. 

Next, insert the leg to the shoe. Leave it again until it's completely dry so it will be strong enough to support the body and head. 

Back to the figurine and cover the top part of the leg. This form short pants. 

For the body, roll yellow clay to a rectangular shape, bend it a little bit, flare the bottom part and paste it on the legs. Leave it to dry.

Head, Helmet and Face Cage

I have made a very basic face for this figurine. In fact I used black marker to draw the eyes and eye brow. 

For the head, roll an egg shape clay, press the eyes area lightly, paste a small triangle shape for the nose, and two small round shape for ears.

The helmet was made from ball shape and pressing the middle part for the head. I drew two line on top of the helmet. 

After the helmet glued to the head, cut about 6 pieces of wire and make the face cage.

Next, attach the head to the body. You might want to insert the toothpick or wire to strengthen the connection.

Gloves and Hockey Stick

Lastly make the hockey stick from black clay and the hands or gloves. 

Adjust the position of the stick and the gloves until you are happy with it.

It's done now.

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